“Les Perles de Raphia” is specialized in recent years in the creation of exclusive models for women and men lovers of refined comfort, taking the time necessary for each order a neat finish, adapted to the taste.

Meticulous and imaginative, we guarantee our customers an extra creative touch and an unmatched finish.

artWe are also working on new, exclusive models, and banned any element other than ecological raffia (colorfast guaranteed) and a premium leather for the soles, the stitching (unseen) are handmade. Hence a suitable delivery time: 3 to 4 weeks, and a payment with the order. It also lets you choose your favorite colors. And ensure a professional work performed in Belgium.

The site allows you to watch every current model from different angles and zoom in on every aspect of the model chosen.




Raffia (word from Madagascar certified in 1652) is a genus of palm family Arecaceae encountered in marshy areas and along rivers. monocarpic or hapaxanthe plant (stem dies after fruiting but the roots remain alive, issuing new releases), the species farinifera raffia from Madagascar provides a fiber from the leaves which, by extension, door raffia name. The leaves of Raphia regalis can reach 25 m by 4 m, making it the longest leaves in the plant kingdom.

Raffia is a very strong textile fiber used to make ropes, ties and upholstery. In Madagascar, the fibers of its leaves and leaflets are used for example to make the jabo-landy or raffia. The raffia twine is used to hold the graft on a tree.

Source: Wikipedia